Welcome! ClubFEM® NJ is a New Jersey based private social organization led by our Head Mistress, MsTessa. We are composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female Dominant/male submissive relationships. The Dommes are in charge of the ClubFEM® activities at all times. ClubFEM® Dommes are considerate and caring Women who want the D/s experience to be enjoyable for all parties. The Dommes are friendly and helpful to other Dommes who wish to grow in their knowledge and abilities. ClubFEM® members get to know each other very well and even get together for vanilla activities occasionally.

The Dominant Women of ClubFEM®  New Jersey enjoy the company of willing & dedicated submissive males who consensually engage in and explore Power Exchange with a Dominant Woman.

A few words about D/s (dominance/submission) as part of BDSM: To some Women, being dominant means having a man provide service for such things as house cleaning, massages, manicures/ pedicures, running errands, etc. To other Women, dungeon scenes using BDSM equipment such as spanking benches, crosses, whips, paddles, canes, and ropes are their ways to enjoy Female domination. Sadomasochistic or bondage behaviors are not necessarily desired by all Women who dominate men. It is important for potential new members to realize these differences and understand that Dommes may choose one or a combination of any to achieve fulfillment. The primary focus of the Club is synergy between Dominant Women and submissive men.


We have an incredible group of people who are members and you’ll want to check back often for updates to our website. While ClubFEM® is solely for Female Dominants and the men who worship, serve and adore them, we respect others and their fetishes even if we don’t participate in them. We are continually planning some wonderful events for all of our members.


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